10 лет работаем для того, чтобы власть в России стала открытой.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation, Article 29, defends the right to freely look for, receive, transmit, produce, and distribute information by any legal way. And we defend the Article 29.

Team 29 deals with freedom information development in Russia since 2015... For much longer time really. The Freedom of Information Foundation (FIF), a NGO dedicated to governmental openness promotion worked in St.-Petersburg, Russia, for more than ten years, leaded by Ivan Pavlov, Attorney at Law. We were helping individuals and organizations to implement their rights to access to information; that included representation of their interests in courts. We also regularly audited governmental websites and worked on their improvement together with governmental officials.

But human rights activists always meet complications when working in Russia. During the last two years the FIF met more and more pressure. Two inspections by prosecution bodies, entrance into the register of "foreign agent" NGOs and the following court debates, warnings by the Ministry for Justice — all that restraint made us to spend much resource for self-defense and not for program activities. At last is has become impossible to work in such conditions. In January 2015, we decided to strike off the Foundation.

But this is not the end. We have re-organized, believing that our work is of real necessity. So, the Team 29 has appeared. With a different cover, our values remain the same.

We continue working on information access issues in Russia. We defend citizens' rights to information and explain them how to use this right (We Have the Right to Know). We help to make requests to government bodies in order to get information from them in time (RosOtvet). We explain how to get necessary information in the field of housing and municipal utilities (Open Housing). We hold workshops on various aspects of implementing the right to information, organize practice for students and probationers, and take part in international initiatives for freedom of information and governmental openness. The Infometer project now covers all activities related to audit of governmental websites.

If you have known us as the Freedom of Information Foundation, please stay with us.

If you learn of us for the very first time, you are welcome.

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